Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions and Rules & Policies  

Australian Poultry Auction’s Rules & Policies help create a safer and enjoyable buying and selling experience for all Australian Poultry Auctions members. As an Australian Poultry Auctions member, you are responsible for reviewing and understanding Australian Poultry Auction’s selling, buying, and member policies, as well as all applicable Australian laws and regulations.

By registering as an Australian Poultry Auctions Member, you are agreeing to all of our members Terms & Conditions, Rules & Policies and Member Conduct. Any member agreements broken will be subject to suspending their account and other such legal actions may be required.

General Terms

Australian Poultry Auctions is an online service portal for sellers to conduct auctions and for bidders to bid on sellers’ auctions. You must use one of our payment gateways to buy or sell on Australian Poultry Auctions. No payments outside of these methods is permitted. Australian Poultry Auctions takes an automatic percentage (5%) payment of every sold auction from the seller when the buyer pays. You must use one of our payment gateways to buy or sell on Australian Poultry Auctions. We have no control over the quality, safety or legality of the items listed, the truth or accuracy of the listing and the ability of sellers to sell items or the ability of buyers to buy items. Australian Poultry Auctions cannot control whether or not sellers will complete the sale of items they offer or buyers will complete the purchases of items they have bid on. Australian Poultry Auctions will not be responsible for any items sold by Auction, for any damage to items during transit or during the inspection period, nor for misrepresentations and/or breaches of contract by either buyer and/or seller. Australian Poultry Auctions will not be responsible for the cost of any goods or any losses resulting from any goods purchased or obtained. Australian Poultry Auctions claims no liability for the content of the listings. It is the shipper/seller’s responsibility to know and follow all state regulations for shipping live birds into each state. The seller assumes all responsibility for the contents of their listing.

Member Rules

Australian Poultry Auction Members are NOT allowed to:

– Create multiple accounts
– Use profanity on this site
– Avoid paying site fees
– Avoid paying the seller for an auction you won
– Infringe on Australian Poultry Auction’s intellectual property
– Make offers or deals to buy or sell outside of Australian Poultry Auction
– Falsely report violations of other members on Australian Poultry Auction
– Bid on own auction or coordinate family or friends to bid on auctions without the purpose of purchasing
– Sell illegal items, illegally obtained items or sell for illegal purposes
– Use information obtained from Australian Poultry Auction to contact each other about buying or selling outside of Australian Poultry Auction
– Use other people’s photos or content without permission
– Falsify their listing
– Leave false feedback
– All sellers must comply with all their state regulations for shipping live poultry